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Hessian State Archives, Marburg

The progression of the project (between the Hessian State Archives in Marburg and the Qidenus) has been extremely successful and very promising thus far. The initial results are convincing. Collaboration with the Qidenus Group and with Qidenus Technologies GmbH, Vienna, which the Group has commissioned for the indexing work, is very open and trusting. These results also provide motivation to tackle further future-oriented projects. This is related in particular to the innovative approach, which differs fundamentally from that of partners or service providers to date.
The commercial management of the project is likewise innovative, creative and, at the same time, reassuring and fair. I can thus wholeheartedly recommend collaboration with Qidenus.

Prof. Dr Andreas Hedwig
Head of Archive

Diocese archives of Vienna

Qidenus’ many years of experience in the field of the digitisation of books and manuscripts ensures that the originals are handled with great care and that the quality of the digitisation meets the highest requirements.
The Qidenus company has been involved for many years in the various aspects of digitising registers and was thus able to comprehensively support our project, including the necessary logistics for the collection and preparation of the original books.
Thus, the Archdiocese of Vienna has known Qidenus as a trustworthy partner for many years, and can unreservedly recommend collaboration with them.

Mag. Dr Johann Weißensteiner
Head of Service

Catholic Military Bishop's Archive of the German Armed Forces

We have chosen a cooperation with Qidenus because this partnership made a lot of sense. This way, we can focus on our core tasks and hand over the development of the project to the experts. Our archive is dedicated to giving its users the simplest possible access to the asset collection. Therefore, we have decided to digitize and then publish our records online. These cover the period from 1730 to 1945 and enable, even in the case of fragmentary knowledge, valuable insights into the military personnel of the Prussian Army, Deutschen Herres, or other German military units.

Dr. Markus Seemann
Head of Archive

Archive of the Archdiocese Salzburg (AES)

Thanks to the cooperation with Qidenus we are finally able to digitize our assets and make them accessible online for our users. As a result, we also immediately increased our reach. Qidenus’ services made it possible for our archives to conduct the digitization project. Our documents have always attracted genealogists’ attention, which of course always pleased us but also severely increased the administrative workload generated by these visitors. Thanks to the cooperation with Qidenus we are finally able to digitize those assets and make them accessible online for our users.

Mag. Dr. Thomas Mitterecker
Head of Archive

State Archive Austria

We are very proud to make yet another step forward with the support of Qidenus to facilitate further access to our collection to all users around the globe. Libraries and archives are the safe keepers of all recorded history as we know it today. Although only in recent years have these institutions understood the opportunities and benefits of putting their treasures on the Internet, digitization has made huge progress since then and now it seems absolutely indispensable. Therefore, we are very proud to make yet another step forward with the support of Qidenus and facilitate further access to our collection to our users. Thanks to Qidenus’s Handwritten Text Recognition technology, the amount of manual work required to enhance the number of documents available online has significantly decreased, enabling us also to provide a higher quality of our digital services.

Hannes Kulovits
Head of Digital Archive

ICARUS - International Centre for Archival Research

Digitization of our European assets is the long-standing goal of Icarus. Our association is deeply convinced by Qidenus’ efforts because they are beneficial to all parties involved: the archive, the customers, and the materials themselves—which will be less damaged by handling. This progress is very positive for us. But what excites us is Qidenus’ endeavor to develop automated Handwritten Text Recognition technology. This is a huge vision that signifies the shift of paradigm, a quantum leap for our research of all handwritten materials. We have followed Qidenus since 2008. The development of their robotic book scanner in 2005 also seemed an almost unsolvable problem back then. Qidenus managed to do it, and we are certain that this small but very innovative company will tackle the topic of automatic searchability as well.

Dr. Thomas Aigner

Diocese St. Pölten

The core competence of Diocese Archive St. Pölten, as we see it, is the maintenance of the assets and scientific processing of the gathered materials. On no account is it a business activity. Therefore, we are very happy to have Qidenus as our long-standing partner to take over the negotiations with numerous international genealogical platforms. Thanks to the license agreements which resulted from this cooperation, we can focus on initiating new projects while Qidenus puts its efforts to furthering their development of automated Handwritten Text Recognition technology. This solution will be extremely useful for the archive world. Our cooperation with Quidenus has been and will continue to be very beneficial.

Mag. Heidemarie Bachhofer

Evangelical Church H.B., Vienna

Qidenus approached us at a time when we could not have dealt with digitization by our own means. After several talks, however, it became clear that this project could be implemented without a large time investment or even any advance payments. We are very happy that we have come across this opportunity through Icarus.

Mag. Harald Kluge
Deputy Chairman

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