Handwritten Knowlegde


Handwritten Pearls

For centuries, handwritten documents were the basis for gathering knowledge and sharing information. Masterpieces created by artists, censuses filled out by civil servants, and letters written by ordinary people, now stored in archives, were at one time the only sources of order and progress. Although being a repository of human thought throughout the ages, archival documents now are rarely used because they are far more difficult to access than online resources. It is estimated that 98% of primary sources hidden in archives are only accessible to those who actively look for them.

Timeless Value

Due to the high costs of preparing archival documents in the past, only information of the highest value was written down to be preserved. The focus was on quality rather than quantity. Documents stored in archives, despite the years that have elapsed since their writing, remain relevant for their timeless value.

Unlocking Knowledge

At Qidenus we know how much the distribution and accessibility of information impacts the advancement of knowledge and innovation. That’s why we aim to unlock the wisdom that lies in handwritten documents, censuses, and vital records meticulously prepared over the centuries. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed a groundbreaking Handwritten Text Recognition technology.

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