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Years of Customers’ Insight

Leading the digitization industry for over 12 years, we have acquired a thorough understanding of the market and are able to look at Handwritten Text Recognition challenges from many angles. This allows us to provide our customers with spotless, reliable services.

As users of Handwritten Text Recognition software ourselves, we are able to look at the technology we’re creating from our customers’ perspective. We are familiar with the problems faced by archives every day, and the importance of transcription precision and the ability to find essential information quickly and accurately. We truly recognize the value of archives and the importance of making them accessible.

Marking the Next Step Forward

At Qidenus, our mission is to help archives organize and manage the information locked in handwritten documents.

But we are also taking the next step forward in innovating archives. We are not just working to make documents available online but to distribute them easily by making handwritten text searchable.

By doing so, we believe that we can facilitate archives’ activities by automatizing their workflow and that we can unlock handwritten knowledge by enabling people around the world to find the information they’re looking for.

At Qidenus we feel responsible not only for preserving but also for distributing the handwritten knowledge gathered by humanity throughout hundreds of years. We offer you a solution to make handwritten information useful and convenient to the general public by minimizing the barriers to accessibility.


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It’s all about people. We believe that a successful business must be based on trust, commitment, and reliability. This approach has made Qidenus, first a small Vienna-based company, today’s market leader in the field of automated scanners in the past 12 years.

Throughout these years we have gained long-lasting business relationships with hundreds of archives and libraries from 125 countries and digitized over 982 million pages of books and documents. None of this would be possible without mutual trust and respect between ourselves and our archive partners.


From the very beginning, our company’s purpose has been to preserve the past for the future. We believe that history provides context and understanding for our current world; it helps us avoid making the same mistakes, learn from our journey, and better understand our own humanity and who we are today.

For this reason, we recognize the importance of “digital conservation,” meaning digitization and distribution, of archival resources. We focus on precision and reliability while keeping in mind the fragility and uniqueness of each document and collection.


We believe that the value of information depends heavily on its accessibility and the possibility to quickly find relevant content. Therefore, we aim to make data in archives convenient and useful not only for professional research but also for everyday use. We believe that an interconnected, global network of archival content combined with our new approach to Handwritten Text Recognition technology will significantly strengthen the position of memory institutions in the era of the Digital Revolution by restoring the value of handwritten knowledge.

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